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Artist turns work into homewares

I have worked as a lecturer of fine art and photography for the last 20 years and I really loved teaching. I have had artwork shown in Galleries in London and Europe. I am now turning my art work into home designs. I love seeing my work on cushions and lampshades and wall covering as it's a way of making my work more available to a wider audience. I really hope you like this idea. I am always available on-line to answer any questions you may have about the worked. It's been a journey of trial and error and a lot of wasted time and money sometimes trying to get the product right, but I am really pleased with everything now.

I have had the help of my lovely hubby Toby who is an expert with lighting as he works lighting films for a living (he just finished the Tim Burton film 'Frankenweenie'). He encouraged me to create the lampshades and keeps me smiling when I feel it's not going in the right direction. I really hope this new venture is a success with your help it just might be. Please contact me for any further questions or information.

Regards All

Susan Farrar